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candle care tools

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Rose gold candle care kits

To care for candles, you first need to own wick trimmer, candle snuffer, wick dipper, candle lighter, and candle tray, There are 4 popular color, silver, gold, rose gold and matte black, you can choose your favorite color or the best color to match with your candles. All of their material is stainless steel plus electroplating surface treatment, As you can see here, it's rose gold plated on the surface of the original stainless steel with an alloy that shows it a shiny rose golden color!

How do you decorate your house?

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Latest luxury design candle holder

According to the preferences of most buyers, the designer designed this blue leaf-shaped Candle holder to hold more candle lovers with the most luxurious perfect place to support your scented candles. It can be placed in your living room and bedroom, which will make your house more beautiful!